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Practice Restorative Yoga for Rest and Recovery

It’s not uncommon for people to exercise as a way to manage stress. Getting out of the house, breathing fresh air, and moving your body are all proven to be good for your mind and body. But when you discover restorative yoga for rest and recovery, you can heal your mind and release tension like never before.

Why Yoga for Recovery is Effective

Why Yoga for Recovery Is Effective

Yoga restorative poses tap into your body’s relaxation response, helping you let go of outside pressures and focus on the here and now. As you move through the best restorative yoga poses, you can feel your body give in to the muscle relaxation you seek.

Use restorative yoga for rest and recovery after an intense workout or a stressful day at the office. Intentionally unwind your body and mind so that you can reenergize for what is next on your plate.

Muscle Recovery with Yoga

When you practice yoga for recovery, you can utilize the slow and light movements as an active recovery. There is a reason for cooldowns during exercise. Be softer on your body by transitioning from a vigorous activity to yoga for recovery with slower poses.

Gentle Movement

Use restorative yoga for rest and recovery by gently moving through the poses. You may use bands, pillows, or blocks to assist in achieving some of the poses. The best restorative yoga poses often incorporate props so that you can hold a pose without too much strain.

What Is Restorative Yoga?

Real Simple defines restorative yoga: “Restorative yoga is a slower, more restful, more passive approach to yoga that’s meant to melt away muscle tension, create space in the body, and alleviate stress.” During restorative yoga for rest and recovery, you may hold only two or three poses the whole session.

Yoga restorative poses are gentle on your body and can be held for longer. As you hold the pose, focus on breathing and pushing out the stress from your day.

Learn to Focus on Breathwork

When you sign up for Powerflow On The Go, the instructors will guide you through breathing practices that center your mind and maximize your flexibility and endurance. Restorative yoga is centered on breathwork and using yoga restorative poses to find total relaxation.

Resting and Recovering with Restorative Yoga

Resting and Recovering with Restorative Yoga

Practicing a restorative yoga sequence comes with more benefits than physical ones. Overall health benefits come with releasing stress and learning to reset from your busy day.

Prevention.com quotes Jillian Pranksy, a yoga instructor: “If you have chronic fatigue, stress, illness, or immune system imbalances, try adding restorative or gentle yoga poses to your routine. It helps kick in the relaxation response, balancing the nervous system and optimizing energy flow to the organs.”

How to rest and recover with restorative yoga


Take deep breaths through the best restorative yoga poses and calm your nervous system. Breathe in positivity, and release negativity. Hold the poses and focus on breathing instead of thinking about checking the exercise box on your to-do list.

Your deep, calming breaths will help you stay present and enjoy the moment, tuning into the relaxation you need to recharge. Restorative yoga for rest and recovery may be just what you need to cool down from your high-intensity workouts.

Better Sleep

When you use yoga for recovery, you’ll also find sleep benefits. Imagine what your body feels like lying down to sleep when you were just out running 10 minutes ago. Your body needs to transition into a relaxed state.

If you lay in bed at night with your mind going a million miles a minute, choose restorative yoga for rest and recovery to calm your mind and release your worries.

Pain Management

When you suffer an injury, your first instinct may be to stop moving altogether. Instead, work through a restorative yoga sequence to see how gentle movements can relieve musculoskeletal pain and ease your body into motion. Yoga is similar to swimming in that it is beneficial for all fitness levels and stages of recovery.


Some people experience feelings of meditation when they practice restorative yoga for rest and recovery. The calmed mental state shuts them off from the rest of the world so they can find the break they need through slow and intentional movement.

Restorative Yoga Poses to Know

Restorative Yoga Poses to Know

Think about what restorative yoga for rest and recovery can look like when you hold a few poses for long periods of time, focusing on breathing and calming the mind. Here are some examples of poses that you may encounter during a restorative yoga sequence.

Browse Powerflow On The Go for restorative yoga classes to see the types of poses incorporated in these yoga sessions.


Use props such as blankets, blocks, pillows, and bands to assist you in achieving specific poses. You may not always need them, but have them ready and do what feels comfortable to your body.

Reclined Butterfly

Sit down with your palms pressed together and the bottoms of your feet together, and elbows and knees stretched out like a butterfly. Then you can recline and use a blanket to prop up your back. Or you can hold the pose without any props.

Legs Up the Wall

Restorative yoga for rest and recovery includes a pose called legs up the wall, which is just as it sounds. Lie on your back with your head resting on the floor. And stretch your legs up the wall, scooting close to the wall until your legs and glutes are resting against the wall. Next, point your toes and lengthen your legs, keeping your arms on the floor at your side to maintain balance.

Supported Fish

Lay on your back with your head and upper body resting on a prop. Then place your legs straight in front of you and your arms out to your sides. This opens up your chest and is an excellent movement for people who hunch their bodies over a desk all day.  

Restorative Yoga Is a Must-Have Recovery Tool

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