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Learn How to Do Hot Yoga At Home

You may picture how to do hot yoga at home requiring a heater or a fireplace, or turning up the heat to maximize your sweat session. 

You can still get the benefits of at-home hot yoga by keeping it simple.

As with learning how to do yoga at home, whether it is hot yoga or meditative yoga, you will need water, a mat, and a quality yoga instructor. 

Powerflow On the Go provides the best sessions for how to do hot yoga at home

Practicing Hot-Yoga at Home: Things you need

Hot Yoga At Home: Things You Need

Instead of inflating your utility bill each month because you want your home as hot as possible during your hot yoga session, take a look at some of these tips instead.

Learn from Popsugar as they quote a CorePower Yoga leader: “‘If possible, practice in a smaller room, and close the door as well. Your body heat will fill up the room, especially if you linger in twisting postures (like Prayer Twist) or compression postures (like Eagle pose) a little longer. These poses will help you trap heat as you contract one side of your body to expand on the other side,’ Du’Sauzay says.

Du-Sauzay also mentions you might also consider turning off the AC or any fans. Another tip? You can wear extra layers of clothes to stay warm and remove them to release the heat as you go.

Again, safety measures should always be taken, so chat with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen.”

Do you have a small room where you can learn how to do hot yoga at home? Perhaps a walk-in closet or a laundry room might do the trick. 

Use your own body heat to heat up the room and see if it’s enough to get the benefits of at-home hot yoga. 

Another option is to take your hot yoga session outside. During the summer, the temperature can be just right for an afternoon hot yoga session.

Infrared Heater or Extra Layers

If you are not getting the burn you want from a hot yoga session, bring in an infrared heater. 

Use it to heat a smaller room in your house and aim for anywhere between 80 and 100 degrees. 

In addition, wear multiple layers of clothing to trap in the sweat and feel your body heat up during hot yoga poses. 

Humidifier and Water Bottle

Have you ever gone running in the heat of the day while it’s humid? 

Then you know how powerful a change that humidity can be to your breathing and calorie output. 

Crank up the humidifier along with the heater when you are ready to learn how to do hot yoga at home. 

It’s important to keep your water bottle filled throughout the duration of the exercise. Heat and sweat can lead to dehydration if you do not prioritize drinking water. 

Yoga Mat 

Use a yoga mat to keep your body comfortable and in line with the hot yoga poses. 

A yoga mat will also keep your home clean from dripping sweat into your carpet or onto your slippery hardwood floors. 

Yoga Towel 

A yoga towel is essential before learning how to do hot yoga at home. As you sweat, your yoga mat can feel slippery. 

A yoga towel will keep things dry as you wipe down your forehead and even your mat. 

Get a yoga towel with grippers to prevent slipping. 

Hot Yoga Poses to Practice at Home

Hot Yoga Poses to Practice at Home

Hot yoga poses are often slow, and steady, with many poses holding for a few minutes to feel the intensity. 

Hot yoga consists of a series of poses that are repeated throughout the class. Learn how to do various types of yoga at home, including hot yoga. 

Here are some examples of common hot yoga poses: 

Standing Deep Breathing

Practice deep breathing as you stand straight up with your feet together. 

Reach your chin toward the sky as you breathe in, and exhale once your neck is extended. 


Stand up with palms pressed together and elbows out. 

Lift one leg, placing the bottom of your foot against the side of your other knee. 

Hold and breathe. 

Doing Hot Yoga At Home

Doing Hot Yoga At Home

Now that you’ve set the scene, it’s time to include hot yoga in your workout routine. 

Hot yoga from home makes it so much easier to fit in a session right when you wake up or in the quiet hours of the evening. 

Find a Powerflow On the Go instructor you love, and dive into how to do hot yoga at home. 

Benefits of Hot Yoga

When the temperature is turned up, and you are pushing your body to the limits, you will enjoy benefits from an increased heart rate and greater lung capacity. 

Focus on your breathing as you think about all of the benefits of hot yoga. 

Nike.com details, “Stretching when your muscles are warm — as you do in hot yoga — improves flexibility in your muscles and increases range of motion in your joints. 

Flexibility makes certain yoga poses easier to get into, especially ones that require deep stretching.”

Another benefit can show through your skin health: “Sweating, and a lot of it, is one of the main objectives of hot yoga.

One of the benefits of sweating in a warm environment is that it can improve circulation, bringing oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to skin cells. This, in turn, may help to nourish your skin from the inside.”

It sounds like it’s time to learn how to do hot yoga from home and maximize your yoga experience. 

Hot Yoga Safety 

Perhaps you’ve exercised in the heat of a summer afternoon to maximize calorie burn. 

It’s a smart tactic but requires careful planning to ensure your body is not pushed too hard. 

Drink lots of water, replenishing electrolytes as well. 

Take breaks when your body needs them. 

And step out of the room if the heat becomes too much. A breath of fresh, cool air may be all you need to feel better. 

Prepare Your Body for Hot Yoga

Go into a hot yoga session feeling light and energized. Start hydrating before the class begins.

In addition, it’s not a good idea to start hot yoga when you just ate a full meal. You do not want the heat to translate into nausea after eating. 

Make Hot Yoga Your Own 

Choose the temperature, pick your favorite hot yoga outfit, and practice how to do hot yoga from home. 

When you practice any yoga from home, you are in control of how long the session is and when it’s time to call it a day. 

Modify poses to your liking and set goals to progress with each yoga session. Celebrate your wins along the way. 

Create Your Hot Yoga Practice

Enjoy hot yoga from home when you can’t get to a studio. 

If you are traveling, staying home with young kids, or have 30 minutes to squeeze in a session, at-home hot yoga can come in clutch. 
Recognize the benefits of including yoga in your workout routine. Disconnect from the world and dive into a hot yoga session to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.

If you're ready to get sweaty, why not give it a try. Explore our online courses catalogue.

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