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Beyond The Studio – Perfect Your Hot Yoga Poses From Anywhere

You will find hot yoga benefits no matter where you practice. 

Whether you start a session in the heat of a summer afternoon or play hot yoga videos in your home with the heat cranked up, you can enjoy the emotional, and physical benefits of hot yoga poses. 

You may wonder, what is the difference between hot yoga vs. regular yoga? Let’s dive in and find out. 

What Is The Definition of Hot Yoga?

What Is The Definition of Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga definition differs from class to class. The origin of hot yoga poses comes from Bikram yoga. 

The idea is to practice hot yoga poses in a room with elevated temperatures, even as high as 105 degrees, to mimic the temperature of India.

You will move through a series of hot yoga poses, some holding for a few seconds and others holding longer. As your body heats up, challenge yourself to breathe through the movements and stick with them.

Bikram Yoga

Hot yoga poses originated from Bikram Yoga, but the hot yoga definition does not have to include Bikram poses. 

For example, hot yoga videos can include vinyasa flows that elevate your heart rate and present a challenge. 

“People who practice Bikram yoga practice these postures and pranayamas in order to stretch and strengthen their bodies, and the heated room helps to go deeper into the posture and sweat out toxins. 

Specifically, Bikram Yoga is often referred to as the 26+2 which makes up the 26 same poses and 2 breathing exercises. Most poses are performed twice and they’re typically held between 6-60 seconds depending on the pose.” (DoYou.com)

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Hot Yoga Origin

Hot yoga started with Bikram yoga in 1970s Japan. The instructor would militantly shout out poses and push participants to their limits.

Hot yoga can be more relaxed now, with the instructor reminding participants to listen to their bodies and know when to take a break. 

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga benefits are endless. You can count on increased flexibility, as the warm temperature is easy on your muscles.

Stretch further than you have before by practicing hot yoga vs. regular yoga. The hot yoga poses will provide you with the endurance you didn’t think you had. 

“…hot yoga is a pretty good calorie-torcher. Even though you’re not running and jumping around, again, that hot room gets the heart going. One study from the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found women burned an average of 333 calories during 90-minute slow-moving, heated yoga session. 

Add a fast-moving Vinyasa practice to that mix (which made the Women’s Health list of top calorie-burning exercises) and you’ll really feel the, well, burn.”

Like regular yoga, hot yoga benefits include stress relief, mind-body connection, and an accessible workout for all fitness levels. 

Is Hot Yoga for Everyone?

Hot yoga may not be suitable for you. 

Speak with a doctor before continuing your hot yoga practice if you feel lightheaded, have difficulty breathing, or have other discomforts. 

Try hot yoga from home to ease your way into the practice. You can control the temperature and layer on clothing to mimic the benefits. 

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Hot Yoga You Can Practice From Anywhere

Hot Yoga You Can Do Anywhere

Start at home if you are unsure where to start your hot yoga practice. 

You can practice hot yoga from anywhere, whether it be your hotel room while traveling, your back patio, or at the beach. 

“Whether you are new to the game or have been practicing for years, any hot yoga class is going to be a workout. Some older yogis find the challenge of hot yoga to be exciting. According to Rodriguez, ‘The heat adds another layer of challenge, therefore putting your muscle of focus and awareness to the test.’” – cnet.com

Add a challenge to your regular workout routine by practicing hot yoga from anywhere. 

Our Favorite Hot Yoga Poses

Pranayama: Standing Deep Breathing

One of the quintessential poses of hot yoga is Pranayama. Stand still, take deep breaths, and get used to the temperature. 

Reach to one side and then the other, all while keeping your back extended and your chest open. 


Also known as the corpse pose, the hot yoga pose is done by lying on your back with your legs stretched out and your arms out to the side, palms facing up.

Breathe and let your whole body relax in this pose. 

Cobra Pose

Lay on your stomach and slowly lift the top half of your body, with your arms out front for support. 

Raise your neck straight up and arch your bag to maximize the benefits of this pose. 

What to Expect From Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga: What to Expect

Prepare yourself for what to expect when trying to achieve hot yoga poses. 

Bring Water

Hydration is key. 

Imagine all the water your body sweats out during a hot yoga session. 

Choose water with electrolytes to replenish your supply. 

Sweat Towels Needed

Use a sweat towel to wipe away the sweat as you go. 

This will keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. 

And you can eliminate slipping while practicing hot yoga poses. 

Prepare Your Body

Nourish your body before a hot yoga session, but make sure you are not too full. 

Heavy exercise mixed with heat can lead to nausea if you go into the class after a full meal. 

Dress Appropriately

If the temperature is already between the target of 85 to 105 degrees, there is no need to layer up. Wear a tank top and shorts, and get ready to sweat. 

If you need to increase your hot yoga experience by wearing layers in a room that isn’t as hot as you’d like, make it happen. Wear long-sleeved, fitted clothing. 

Practice Your Hot Yoga Where You Feel Best

Put confidence back into your workout by choosing the location, temperature, and circumstances of your hot yoga workouts. 

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Prioritize your workouts by eliminating any inconveniences like driving to a studio, not being able to exercise while traveling, or waiting for a class to start. 

On the Go has you covered. 

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Practice hot yoga at home