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Best Types of Yoga Classes for Beginners Guide

Yoga sets itself apart from other forms of exercise because it is accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level. 

Whether you are just beginning your movement journey or have mastered several forms of exercise, yoga will strengthen your body in ways you’ve never experienced.

Yoga not only benefits your physical strength and flexibility but also provides benefits to your mind and spirit. Doctors even say that yoga can lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia. 

“The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body,” explains Natalie Nevins, DO, a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified yoga instructor.

This guide is designed to help you fully understand all the types of yoga classes for beginners and the benefits you can achieve.

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All the Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

As you start your yoga transformation, know that several types of yoga classes are available, each with different purposes. For example, if you want a moderate workout where your body sweats and pushes to the limit, you can find a yoga session that will do that for you.

On the other hand, if you are ready to calm your mind and center your body, you can lean toward a yoga experience aimed at helping you achieve that. You can practice different types of yoga and their benefits to keep your practice versatile and exciting.

Benefits of Different Yoga Types Chart

Restorative Yoga

As you search for the best online yoga class types, are you looking for a class that is meditative? 

Then, try out restorative yoga to focus on mindfulness while you exercise. Often referred to as yin yoga, restorative yoga guides you through a series of poses that you will hold for a minute or even longer. In addition, you can use restorative yoga to aid in your recovery from other forms of exercise.

Of all the types of yoga classes, restorative yoga implements the use of props to assist you in learning the poses that may later be removed as your body finds strength and balance. 

Listen to the instructor as you discover your flexibility and inner strength through restorative yoga. You can release mental and physical tension and experience the benefits that will extend beyond your yoga sessions.

Vinyasa Yoga

You may have heard of vinyasa flow, where you can expect to move fluidly from one pose to the next. When you think about different types of yoga classes and their benefits, vinyasa focuses on moving the body and finding your intentional breath.

Breathing is an integral part of yoga. As you learn to breathe through the motions, you will not only benefit from working your body physically but will also find your mind centered on being present and intentional.

Power Yoga

Power yoga offers some of the best yoga videos and sessions out there, emphasizing a more athletic approach. If you are ready to explore all types of yoga classes and want to find a vigorous workout while honing in on your mind-body connection, power yoga is the way to go. You may hear variations on the name for power yoga: flow yoga, flow-style yoga, or Vinyasa Flow.

Expect to flow through a series of yoga poses, but this fast-paced class intends to get your heart racing and your body sweating. You may have heard of hot yoga, which is power yoga in environments of elevated temperatures to increase your endurance and challenge your mind.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga has been around since the beginning and mainly focuses on breathing techniques as your body moves. Breathwork requires mental dedication, resulting in benefits that no other exercise can offer.

Many types of yoga classes fall under the umbrella of Hatha yoga. For example, if a session includes an asana flow of poses, breathing practices, and meditation, it is a Hatha session.

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Exploring Yoga Classes for Beginners

As you search for the best yoga videos, know that you can confidently start your yoga practice at any fitness level. In addition, practicing yoga from the safety of your own home eliminates any outside judgment from class participants. But most importantly, it gives you the chance to enjoy different types of yoga and their benefits.

Skill Level

Each class can be modified to benefit a variety of skill levels. And then, with consistency and practice, you can increase your skill level to complete poses you may never think possible. The best part about yoga is watching your physical and mental progress as you navigate the types of yoga classes.

Class Focus

As you browse through the available classes, look for the focus that you seek. For example, would you like to strengthen your breathing technique? Or do you need a recovery session to target muscle soreness or pain? Then, you can find the yoga session that will fulfill what you most need in your practice that day.

Equipment and Props

Before entering a class, you will learn about the required equipment. For example, this may include weights to intensify the movements in the yoga flow. Or you can use props to assist in challenging yoga poses. And remember, there is no shame in using props. Start at a beginning level and work up to the equipment that fits your needs.

Yoga Poses for Beginners

Some types of yoga classes will contain movements you are familiar with, even if you do not practice yoga regularly. These poses for beginners include downward-facing dog, child’s pose, and warrior. Start out with movements that make sense, and then graduate into more advanced poses as you feel more comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid!

One of the best parts of practicing yoga from home is not being afraid of how you look or perform during your first yoga session. Instead, find the best yoga videos and get started on high-quality classes from the comfort of your home.

Even in person, know that yoga is not a time to judge. Most yoga participants are ready to free themselves from negative thoughts and focus on centering their minds in positivity and relaxation.

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Online Yoga or In-Studio Yoga – Choosing What Works for You

It’s time to explore all types of yoga classes that interest you, so where do you get started? Online yoga and in-studio yoga offer specific benefits. As you dip your toe into yoga practice, determine if you want to learn privately at home. Or if you would benefit from an in-person instructor.

Do What Makes You Comfortable

When you imagine practicing yoga, do you picture yourself in a group of supporters? Or would you prefer to be alone with your thoughts, taking the sessions at your pace and comfort level? No matter which you choose, know that yoga participants will always be supportive of a new yogi in the class.

Online Yoga Videos

The greatest benefit of accessing online yoga videos is convenience. You do not have to travel to a studio. Therefore, you save time on the commute and gas money. In addition, you can practice yoga at the park, beach, or office during your lunch break.

A storm or traffic will never keep you from fitting your workout into your schedule. Instead, find a 30-minute window and prioritize your yoga session. No excuses.

In-Person Yoga Classes

Having an instructor to see your poses and give you feedback can be beneficial in the beginning stages of yoga. You will find the instructors to be helpful without even asking as they model breathing and guide you when they see you look confused or unsure.

You may also feed off other participants’ energy. Group sessions can create a community of yogis where you support one another and even build friendships outside of class. All types of yoga classes offer the advantage of attending in person.

Skill Level

Your personal preference may be to learn at home without anyone watching as you fumble through new poses. That’s okay! But if you are picturing a class full of angelic, fluid movements, know that everyone loses balance or struggles with a flow from time to time – even lifetime yogis. Your beginner level does not have to deter you from in-person classes forever. But starting online can be a great comfort to many people.

What’s Your Schedule?

Do you travel for work? It may be challenging to utilize a studio membership when you are rarely in town to attend a session. Online classes provide the convenience of exercising from your hotel room.

On the other hand, perhaps you work from home and love an excuse to get out of the house. This is a perfect time to find a studio you love and invest in the community you can discover there.

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Finding Your Own Yoga Practice

If you are just starting yoga or have been practicing here and there for years, it’s okay if you don’t have a yoga routine. There is always time to evolve and find the yoga sessions that benefit your life the most.

Whether you practice once per week to add diversity to your workouts or seek yoga as your main form of exercise, all types of yoga classes will bring joy to your life.

Try Them All

Start at a beginner level of yoga and then try them all. You will find that yoga can be versatile in intensity so that you can find a calming session when you need it and a vigorous session for days when you are ready to sweat.

Once you have ventured into several sessions, you will find yourself drawn to specific types of yoga classes that will become a part of your routine. Of course, you’ll never know if you never try!

Talk to Someone

Chat with the yoga lover in your life to help you know where to start. For example, if you explain aches and pains that occur from other forms of exercise, your friend may suggest restorative yoga to repair your body and focus on healing.

You can also speak to a yoga professional to glean advice on where to start your yoga journey. Do not be afraid to open up about what you seek, including yoga’s mental benefits.

I Want to Sweat!

Many go years without trying yoga because they want to exercise vigorously and get their sweat on. Well, guess what? Power yoga can take care of that for you. Fast-paced yoga is not typically represented in movies and yoga portrayals. You can raise your heart rate and push your body during power yoga, all while strengthening your mind and mental endurance.

I Want to Move Gently

There is a yoga session for everyone. Calm your body and your mind through restorative yoga or vinyasa flow. You can move slowly, focusing on your intentional breaths and centered thoughts. Meditate while you move through the yoga poses.

I’m Not Sure – I Just Want to Start!

The best feeling is to know what you want and go for it. You do not have to know your favorite types of yoga classes before you’ve ever tried a class. All you have to do is dive in and sign up for your first yoga session.

Restorative yoga is an excellent place to start, which will always include slow, simple movements. Once you are familiar with beginner poses and breathing techniques, you can move into more advanced poses and flows.

Find Where You Belong One Movement at a Time

Yoga is beautiful because it explores your connection with yourself. You can build confidence, purpose, and gratitude while strengthening muscles, finding balance, and improving flexibility. Yoga practice is individual. There is no need to compare yourself to others while participating.

Instead, you can watch your own progress unfold as you implement yoga into your routine. Poses and flows that were challenging on day one will be second nature one day, as your body falls right into the movements. 

You can measure your progress from week one to week four and then weeks ten and twelve to see how far you’ve come. Be ready to be thrilled with the results!

Now is the time to find the benefits of regular yoga practice. With Powerflow On The Go, you have easy access to top-quality classes at the push of a button. 

Discover new types of yoga classes and learn more about implementing restorative yoga, power yoga, or find your favorite by browsing the Full Yoga Class Library.

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