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10 Best Online Yin Yoga Classes

Yin yoga is restorative yoga meant to maximize relaxation and relieve stress. 

You will not find any fast movements with online yin yoga classes. 

Instead, the teacher will guide you through healing stretches and breathing techniques to release worry and intensity. 

What is Yin Yoga?

What Is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga classes include quiet moments where you can reconcile your day and be alone in your thoughts. 

Healthline defines yin yoga: “According to Elise Greenspoon, a yoga teacher, healing therapist, and wellness specialist, ‘Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga that’s cooling, grounding, and nurturing. Holding poses for longer periods encourages stillness so you can go inward.’

The Chinese medicine principle of yin and yang refers to the harmonious nature of the opposite and complementary elements that make up the universe. Yin is cool, slow, and passive while yang is warm, fast, and active.”

Taking the time to welcome yin into your life to offset the yang is a habit that takes consistency and commitment. 

Once you try online yin yoga classes, you’ll see how much you need that contrast in your life. 

Holding Your Yin Yoga Poses

Yin yoga classes online are the same as in-studio classes. The poses are not high-intensity. 

Instead, the movements promote relaxation and are held for two to twenty minutes each. 

Why Yin Yoga?

Practice yin yoga online to relieve stress in your life, stretch your muscles, and repair your body after an intense workout.

Women’s Health quotes, “’Yin is an incredible amalgamation of yoga postures and Chinese medical theory of energy channels (meridians)’, says de Menthon. ‘The benefits stem from the stimulation of certain energetic pathways that run through our bodies. Due to the intensity of our modern lives, we tend to disrupt the fluidity of our energy which, in Chinese medicine, is explained as “stagnant” energy or “depleted” energy.

‘It can manifest in many ways from insomnia, lethargy, exhaustion, racing thoughts, body pain and so on. When we rebalance our energy by targeting these channels, we start to bring much more equilibrium into our daily lives.’”

Implement online yin yoga classes into your routine to bring balance. 

Where Did Yin Yoga Come From?

Yin yoga started in the 1980s in California, stemming from the opposing ideas of yin and yang. 

Our life has enough yang; what are we doing to emphasize yin?

You can implement yin yoga classes online to intentionally bring peace and reflection into your routine. 

Yin Yoga Classes

The best part about online yin yoga classes is that they are for everyone. 

You do not have to have experience with yoga classes or have a specific fitness level to try yin yoga. 

“Yin yoga is practised sitting or lying on the floor. There are no planks, no warriors, no core work. No dynamic sun salutations. No standing poses. The pace is slow, so you need to wear comfortable, warm clothes and maybe keep your socks on. The classes should be suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.” – The Guardian

In fact, if you are recovering after an extended illness or have an injury that prevents you from other exercises, yin yoga classes online are perfect for you.

The Best Yin Yoga Classes Online

Online Yin Yoga Classes 

Do you wonder where to start or how to find the best yin yoga classes online? 

We’ve got you. Read our suggestions for the top online yin yoga classes.

Then, sign up for Powerflow On the Go to get started.

Yin with Stacey Bell

Stacey’s strengths are centered around educating the yogis in her sessions. She brings warmth and knowledge to the class that you can’t find elsewhere. 

Recharge and go inward with Stacy when you take her yin yoga classes. 

Guided Savasana with Pamela Terlizzi

When you take a class from Pamela, you will leave your mat feeling strong and grounded. 

Take a moment to rest and refuel at the end of a long day or after a high-intensity workout. 

Hip Openers and Back Stretches with Steven Cheng

Do you spend all day sitting down for your job? Take this stretchy class to release pressure built up in your back and shoulders. 

Open your hips to reintroduce movement after a sedentary day. 

Yin with Judith

Judith guides you through the physical and mental challenges of yin yoga. 

She focuses on breathing techniques and facing your most insurmountable mental roadblocks.

Yin At Home with Stacey

Let Stacey introduce you to the simple pleasures of practicing yin yoga from home. 

You can access yin yoga with the touch of a button and know that you prioritized rest and relaxation in your life.  

Making Yin Yoga Part of Your Daily Routine

Making Yin Yoga Part of Your Routine

Attending a studio may not fit your routine right now, and that’s okay. 

You can make yoga fit into any chaotic schedule when you practice yoga from home. 

Daily Yin Yoga Practice with Stacey

Focus on your breathing as Stacey helps you relieve stress through yin yoga practice. 

Start your day off right with a yin yoga session. Discover what it feels like to take a yin yoga class daily.  

Discover Yin Classes Online

Make it easy to practice yin yoga by choosing an online yoga studio.

Powerflow On the Go offers classes by some of the most experienced instructors in the business. 

Nightly Yin Yoga At Home

Do you have trouble winding down to sleep each night? 

Use yin yoga as a way to disconnect from stress and anxiety by including yin yoga in your nightly routine. 

Practice Where You Feel Best

Online yin yoga classes are versatile. 

If you want to practice while on vacation on the beach, in the park, or in your living room, you can do that with Powerflow On the Go. 

Practice Yin Yoga Classes

Give yourself the gift of balance and contemplation when you make time for yin yoga in your workout routine. 

Restorative yoga sessions provide more than muscle recovery. Experience the mental benefits of yin yoga as well. 

Join our online yin yoga classes to experience the mental and physical benefits.

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